Melt your cares away with a tranquil massage to relax and unwind from internalized stress.  We offer an assortment of treatments to focus on your own needs.

Services include:

Swedish Massage

Facilitate smooth and gentle gliding strokes over the entire body using massage oils.

Therapeutic Massage

Mobilization of the body’s soft tissue to restore blood and lymph flow and stimulate circulation.

Sport Massage

Geared towards athletes of any kind. Manipulation of soft tissue in order to prevent or improve sports injuries. Reduces muscles stiffness and restores balance.

Site Specific Massage

For clients who are in need of bi weekly treatment..

Cupping Therapy Only

Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, cupping can be used to treat headaches and migraines, muscle pain and soreness, sinusitis, TMJ, fine lines and wrinkles. Avoid medications and harsh chemicals by taking the all-natural route.

Cupping Add-on

This addition to a 60 or 90 minute service adds further benefits in alleviating site specific problems.

Two Hour Massage

A two hour therapeutic massage can relieve multiple areas of concern in one session.