Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports, LLC is one of the few clinics in Baton Rouge that provide isokinetic testing. Isokinetics is the only way to measure maximum strength at every point in the range-of-motion. An isokinetic machine accurately measures the strength and muscular endurance. Evolve Physical Therapists use the HUMAC NORM, a device that is effective at measuring the strength of muscles that govern the movements of joints (shoulder, knee, and ankle) following an injury. Isokinetic curve results determine areas of pain or weakness and determine maximum dynamic capability throughout the range-of-motion. Only with testing can you determine baselines, set goals, and track change. Evolve Physical Therapist use the data from these tests to plan patient rehabilitation activities. Specifically, the control test provides objective measures for Athletes to progress towards recovery and return to Sport, especially running/throwing post-surgical interventions. The test is always performed by comparing the results from two limbs, which allows a quantification of the deficit as a percentage of original strength, giving a more clear goal to reach. Ensuring muscles have had their original strength and tone restored is also a crucial component of re-injury prevention.